The Concept

The Beginnings

Our line of work, our ADN, since 2011 is creating business relationships. The Big Bosses concept was born from one desire : to bring together – in a social and fun way – service providers and advertizers. The Big Bosses offer you, the ordering party, the possibility to meet service providers outside of your usual confort zone. Our exclusive trademark : making your business progress, simply, between fellow humans.


Business as it should be

We are convinced that « business as it should be » is when people meet outside of their usual environments and take time to share ideas about the latest issues. It’s when people get to know each other, trust each other and want to work together, launching long-term collaborations, with trust and inspiration at their core.


Business Highlights

The heart of this feature rests upon our « Big Bosses Dating », an affinity get-together based on a « match making » algorithm which we perfect opus after opus. Thanks to this speed dating feature, big bosses meet in turns, for 7 minutes, with up to 20 service providers to bring pertinent answers to the problems identified as being the most critical for their businesses. These speed dating meetings, which are deliberately short, are often very frustrating. However, it is this sense of frustration that will create the desire to continue further and study the concerned subject in greater depth to come to grips with it and perfectly answer the business question.



It is over the course of formal moments, over dinners, organized thanks to the evaluations you will have given each service provider during our speed dating feature, or, over the course of informal encounters, at the counter of a bar, at the end of a skying trail or in the middle of the Olympiads, that we give you the opportunity to create a serendipitous connection and to thus cultivate lucky coincidences. By taking you out of your usual environment, we wish to create an atmosphere where that little something happens and suggests to go further, leading to a more organized, post-event meeting. It is this mix between organized business and informal networking which promotes more human business.

The events

The Big Bosses count four event families. The opuses, the original events are our flagship and take place twice per year with the Summer Edition in June and the Winter Edition in December. They gather on average 600 participants during three days. We also organize verticals or days on specific subjects, such as « Bank Insurance », « Tourism », « Retail Fashion Beauty », « Advertising & Ad Tech » or even « Stock Market Companies ». Lastly, the final features are the VIP Dinners, organized at the Galerie in Puteaux near Paris. Organized twice per month with a more intimate vibe, these evenings are devoted to bringing together 15 of the most influential decision-makers of the community. These dinners can be generic or themed (luxury, health, industry, automobile…).

Since the beginning of the adventure


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VIP Dinners