The Big Bosses

What is a big boss ?

Big bosses are the ones who lead, intervene transversally or are stakeholders in the digital sphere (Marketing Directors, Digital Directors, e-commerce Directors, Multichannel Directors etc…). A big boss is an ordering party who has a budget of at least a million euros set towards the organization’s digital progress. When budgets are high, it is possible for a company to have a second or even a third representative since during our major events, with over a hundred sponsors, we tackle around 15 subjects. It is not the big boss who is invited, but the company who sends a representative, whose participation costs are covered by our organization. To confirm his or her attendance, a big boss must fill in a participation agreement with specific engagements, which will be signed and stamped by his company.


Why become a big boss ?

Opus after opus, the BigBoss Family built itself just like a big family, a place of belonging. This « family » bond is created thanks to the exchanges between peers, which even when in head-on competition, bring you together from the moment that the subjects lean towards the mindset transformation that digital progress has made necessary, even going as far as making you need to rethink your company organization. Becoming a big boss, is also accepting to share a timeless, uncommon moment by opening your « chakras », thanks to open-mindedness, analysis and perspective, which are so difficult to have on a day-to-day basis. However, being a big boss requires a responsability, to take your pick among service providers, specifically selected to answer your expectations and subjects of the moment.

Big boss speeches